Floating Veggie Raft Continued

Introduction: Floating Veggie Raft Continued

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Hi All

This is a continuation of growing veggies on our fish ponds.

The construction details are the same as in "Floating Veggie Raft for Fish Ponds". You can view them there.

This instructable is just to show on a week by week basis of how we are growing strawberries, broccoli and spinach on our fish ponds.

We plan to grow tomatoes and bush beans in this manner too, but with some adaptation to the rafts as I have to make trellises for the plants to grow on. I will post another instructable when I have completed that. 

Will keep updating every week.



Step 1: Spinach Raft

The spinach raft

Planted on the 13th July

Step 2: Strawberry and Brocceli Raft

Planted on the 13 July

Step 3: Lettuce Raft

This is the lettuce planted on the 9th June

Ready for harvest

Photo taken on the 13 July

By the way, they taste fantastic

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Just tossing in my two cents here, not that its worth it, but this is what I think of when we speak in terms of making an hydroponic or aquaponic system. I read some other person's ideas of how to make one and they recommended a nearly sterile environment and then bottles of chemicals to add to be able to feed the plants. But your system is basic living biology...you know the way it is in nature and the way its actually supposed to be. I keep fish we have made sump filters. I wonder at least often if my pool (one of those 3.5 foot tall with the air filled ring at the top) could be converted and used for this purpose. What are your opinions? It isn't being used by the kids anymore. I know it isn't as sturdy as what you've got going, but I could possibly get a couple of seasons out of it for free! Nice work keeping it simple and yet amazing!

    Graham L
    Graham L

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for your 2 cents. If you can make the pond part of the sump filter it should work well. I found that strawberries and lettuce worked well, Broccoli, cabage, spinack and parsley did not do so great, potassium shortage i think. Lots of rust spots on the spinach.

    I have removed the rafts but am still using the nets, floating them with pool noodles. I am growing duckweed in these which I feed to the fish.
    Studies have shown that tilapia fed a ratio of 50/50 duckweed and commercial fish food show very little growth reduction (less than 5%), this has an added benefit as it has reduced my food cost by almost 45%

    I hope this helps




    9 years ago on Introduction

    But what has this to do with a workshop?