Introduction: Vehicle Tracking System Using WIFI

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In this article I am going to demonstrate a vehicle tracking system by using this we can find current location of our vehicle over internet. But this project is only working on local server range. First we can send a few data to local server with a hyperlink that carries contemporary car location coordinates. Then we will redirect to the vehicle place in GOOGLE map by way of clicking at the same hyperlink.

Step 1: Description

To track our car we want discover coordinate of car with the aid of using GPS module. GPS module communicates continuously with the satellite for taking coordinates. Now Arduino gets GPS strings from GPS using Serial uart Communication. Now Arduino extract the required GPS Coordinates in form of Latitude and longitude from the GPS strings. before this Arduino send command to ESP8266 for configuring, connecting to the router and getting IP deal with. After it Arduino initialize GPS my getting coordinates and the lcd indicates a page Refresh message, that means, user need to refresh page. whilst person will refresh the page Arduino gets the GPS coordinates and ship the equal with some additional records to website (Local server) with a GOOGLE map hyperlink. Now by way of clicking this link person will redirect to the GOOGLE map with a coordinate and then he/she will be able to get the car current Point at the red spot at the GOOGLE map. Please watch the video for better understanding.

Step 2: Circuit and Connections

Circuit is quite simple for this assignment we most effective wishes an Arduino UNO, GPS Module and ESP8266 WIFI module. And there may be a 16x2 lcd is likewise related for showing fame. This liquid crystal display is optionally connected at at 14-19(A0-A5) Pins of Arduino. ESP8266’s Vcc and GND pins are direct to 3.3V and GND. And CH_PD is likewise connected with 3.3V. for GPS module I used a 12 volt adaptor(user may use five volt for powering the GPS module) and gnd to gnd of Arduino and Tx of GPS is directly linked at virtual UART rx pin 10 of Arduino due to the fact we have used software Serial for interface GPS Module with Arduino and same for software Serial is likewise used for ESP8266 for interface it with Arduino assigning pin 2 as Rx and pin 3 as Tx. And Arduino Tx (pin 3) is direct to Rx of ESP8266 and Rx is direct to Tx (pin 2) of Arduino. inbuilt UART is used for showing speaking facts among Arduino and WIFI module on the serial monitor.