Introduction: Venison Cube Steak

For the carnivores among us, few dishes are as delectable as wild game. If there's a hunter in your tribe, honor the animal and the hunt with this simple recipe fore true comfort food.

Step 1: Ingredients

Venison cube steak
Plain flour
Olive oil

Step 2: Prepare the Venison

Rinse the steaks and pat dry. Salt and pepper lightly. Dredge in plain flour.

Heat the olive oil; it's ready when a tiny bit of floured venison sizzles.

Step 3: Cook

Brown both sides of the venison over medium heat. Turn the heat to low (I move my skillet to the smallest eye), add a quarter cup of water, and cover the pan.

Simmer covered for three hours. Add a bit of water as needed; don't let it get completely dry, or it will scorch, and there's no salvaging scorched venison.

After about three hours, test for doneness by cutting into a steak with the side of a fork. If it cuts with no resistance, it's time to turn up the heat a bit to give it a crust.

NOTE: Don't be impatient. If the venison isn't tender enough to break apart with a fork, it will be too tough to enjoy. This really is the difference between delicious and inedible.

Step 4: Prepare Gravy, Serve, and Enjoy

If you want to make gravy, remove the steaks to a plate. With the heat up to medium, stir in a teaspoon of flour. Slowly add a quarter cup of water, stirring to keep the mixture from getting too lumpy. This will not result in a smooth gravy, but when you eat it, you won't much care.

You're done! It's a very simple recipe, but it takes three hours to cook, without exception. Add some rice and green beans. You will not regret your investment of time--this is delicious!

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