Venom Snake Automaton: [7. POWERTRAIN ASSEMBLY (G6) ]

Introduction: Venom Snake Automaton: [7. POWERTRAIN ASSEMBLY (G6) ]

About: Automata for 3D printing

Step 1: G6 Parts

Step 2: G6 Assembly (Part 1)

Step 3: G6 Assembly (Part 2)

Step 4: G6 Assembly (Part 3)

Step 5: Painting Guide

You should paint these parts now before finishing the assembly.

TIP: Use varnish to protect the paint of the crank handle.

WARNING: Don’t paint the surfaces that are in contact with other surfaces.

Step 6: G6 Assembly (Part 4)

Step 7: G6 Assembly (Part 5)

Step 8: G6 Assembly (Part 6)

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