Introduction: Vent Air Redirector

My bed is far away from my air vent, I didn't want to move my bed around my room just for the air to reach me so I instead created an air distributor for my vent from just a cardboard box. This will help you save money by cutting back on cranking your thermometer output settings.

Step 1: Get the Box

Find a box that's the size of your air vent, then cut a hole in the bottom of the box like in picture 2.

Step 2: Cut Other Holes

Next cut a hole in both of the sides of the boxes. In picture 2 there is a bigger hole I cut on the side. In picture 3 there's a small hole that has a flap that's seen in picture 4 that can cover it. The flap can control your air so that it can either come out both the sides of the box, or just one side of the box. The flap is a piece of cardboard strip with tape on the top that let's it fold up and down.

Step 3: Finish

Now the air comes out of the side like drawn in picture 1. I keep mine behind my dresser and it shoots at my bed, you can paint the box for a nicer look if you don't like the way it looks unpainted. Now you can save heat in the winter and ac in the summer. You won't have to crank your thermometer settings to max output anymore. Enjoy this essentially free hack!

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