Introduction: Venti Ba-Cup: 1TB Memory Expansion for Your Android Device

Venti Ba-Cup is an affordable, portable 1TB memory upgrade for your Android (or Windows) a familiar and convenient package!

Clear off your phone/tablet memory- no internet connection, no cloud service fees, no privacy concerns and no photo/video resolution reduction. Carry your photo, video, music and document libraries with you; connect and play or connect, transfer, disconnect and play.

Venti Ba-Cup uses reliable mass-storage (USB hard disk drive) with self-powering via battery or USB 5V charger, enabling it to be plugged directly into hand-held Android and Windows devices. Use anywhere- no cellular, WiFi or internet connection required. Use at home, on the road, in an airplane, on a cruise ship, etc. Mounts naturally into cars, boats, sports chairs, strollers- wherever there's a cup holder.

Simple, private and money-saving :)

Step 1: Obtain Parts

Must-have parts:

1. Large coffee cup or equivalent. Venti Ba-Cup was designed to fit in Starbucks Venti cup.

2. USB disk drive with self-powering capability. Venti Ba-Cup was designed to use the "WD PiDrive kit", a 1TB USB-native hard disk drive with special accessories to provide self-powering. Get WD PiDrive kit here: (US); (UK), offered at 35% off regular price at the time of this writing.

3. Qty-2: retractable USB2 data&power cable, standard-A male to microB male, such as: (offered as two-pack)

4. USB connector, standard-A female to microB female, such as:

5. USB OTG connector, such as:

Nice-to-have parts:

6. 3D-printed mounting bracket set. This provides secure and organized mounting of the disk drive and cables in the cup. 3D print files can be downloaded from thingiverse:

7. Qty-4: M3x5 flat-head screw for mounting disk drive to bracket, such as:

8. Rechargeable 5V USB battery such as:

Step 2: Assemble It

(1) Format disk drive as NTFS using a PC and Windows Disk Management tool. While connected to PC, set up media folders (facilitates file indexing later) and load media files as desired.
(2) Attach disk drive to mount (if using nice-to-have 3D printed parts, per above): (a) attach drive to mount using four screws; (b) attach mount part to cup ring part, fully inserting mount into slots in cup ring part to ensure that everything will fit inside the cup (some force may be required depending on print accuracy).
(3) Connect everything and position components in cup as shown in the photos: (a) disk drive with special power cable (female microB connection) to retractable USB cable, and later to 5V AC adapter or battery; (b) disk drive with special cable (male standard-A USB connection) to USB/USB female/female connector, to other retractable USB cable, to USB OTG connector, and later to Android phone/tablet; (c) when positioning cables in the cup the 3D printed mount part has a divider to keep the two retractable USB cables separated; (d) everything should fit inside the venti cup with lid able to snap on completely for transporting.
(5) Purchase, download and install Nexus Media Importer: or other file management app supporting usb-attached NTFS storage.

Step 3: Use It!

(1) Remove lid from cup. Plug end of retractable USB cable (the one with the standard-A male connector) into a 5V USB power source (battery, AC adapter, car USB adapter, etc.). The disk drive will turn on and LED will show activity.
(2) Turn on Android phone/tablet.
(3) Plug end of other retractable USB cable (the one with the OTG connector attached) into the phone/tablet. NOTE: disk drive should be powered on (step #1) and phone/tablet powered on (step #2) before plugging Venti Ba-Cup into phone/tablet. Otherwise the USB drive may not be recognized.
(4) Launch the Nexus Media Importer app (or other file manager/viewer app supporting USB external storage and NTFS). Select "OK" to allow application to access USB device.
(5) If using Nexus Media Importer, the app should show two panes, one for attached storage and one for internal filesystem. You can select and stream files; copy from internal storage to attached and vice-versa; delete files; etc.
(6) A good way to use Venti Ba-Cup is to connect, transfer files and disconnect (and power off Venti Ba-Cup). This will save power and untether your phone/tablet from Venti Ba-Cup.