Ventilator Made Out of Old PSU.




Introduction: Ventilator Made Out of Old PSU.

Well as the title says I made a ventilator out of old PSU. The reason is why i did it was that the old PSU burnt out . So i removed the guts of the PSU , kept the vent , put in some LED's , some switches and aluminium foil . Oh yes , i used for this project as well an old cellphone charger , i think it was an Ericsson charger . I choosed it because it gives 7.6v , and it easly powers 3 bright Red LED's and a vent. I hope u enjoy this slideshow , and btw this is my 1th instructable so yeah , dont be to harsh . And sorri if some of the pictures are looking bad , my camera aint the best

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    Dark Magis
    Dark Magis

    10 years ago on Introduction

    The pictures are ok, but this isn't an instructable; rather a slideshow of the guts of a gutted out PSU. Thanks for the effort, but not a lot of help here. Kudos for cleverness though. I need something that's somewhat functional but not too expensive for soldering.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Well the thing is - i would have made it a instructable but my camera was broken and was at repairing. And it's really easy to make - take an old PSU , rip the guts out , keep the vent , use some glue for foil the inside . And some LED's ( for coolness) and some switches and somekind of power suply like a charger . And i know it isnt a instrucable. It was supose to be a slideshow because i did the vent before i could take pictures