Introduction: Ventriloquist Dummy Illusion Costume

Inspired by the RL Stine character Slappy.
Made this costume with everything we already owned w the exception of the mask. Wound up finding a George Washington mask for 3.99$ and colored the hair in with a sharpie.

Step 1: Collect Materials Needed

  • man's suit [suggest suit, not separates to make more cohesive]
  • mens dress shirt or turtleneck
  • mask for ventriloquist
  • towel to be balled up and fill mask
  • bamboo sticks or similar to support head
  • backpack to support vent torso and head
  • overalls for child
  • stuffing [batting in long socks to use for "puppet's legs"]
  • child's shoes
  • child's vest [must be willing to cut back]
  • swimming "noodle"
  • long belt or 2

Step 2: Create Puppeteer

  • stuff backpack with flat cushion [I used patio cushion]. flat gives the ventriloquist a flat back as opposed to rounded.
  • put men's dress shirt on backpack
  • insert noodle to fill as arms
  • feed belts through sleeves of shirt
  • take balled up towel, insert bamboo stick[s] place mask over and poke through noodle at neck hole

Step 3: Create Dummy and Add to Ventriloquist

  • shorten / hem pants [can tape up if not willing to cut / sew
  • use belt to cinch "men's" pants around child's waist
  • put on dress shoes [these will appear to be men's feet - so a mature style a must!]
  • place overalls on child w stuffed legs and shoes already attached
  • folding legs up [have child hold] wrap a belt around child and pinch bottom of stuffed legs in belt. when then flop down they will be short.
  • put vest on child to hide backpack straps
  • put suit jacket on vent buttoning just under the legs hiding the bel from 2 steps above
  • take belts from vent arms joining via belts that were fed through arms connecting under stuffed mini legs. this will give appearance of holding the child

Step 4: Makeup

using the web to find a style of dummy makeup that I preferred. used women's makeup for the following:

  • cream foundation to give smooth artificial look. a lot of this.
  • liquid eye liner o create painted eyebrows, lines around eyes & lines on mouth
  • blue/green shadow just applied to center of eyelids and high enough to brow to see when eyes open creating a "doe" look adding to artificial feel
  • bright red lipstick sparingly applied because it stains

Step 5: Final Product Was a Hit

this costume cost $4 total. everything else we already owned. lass than 30 minutes to put together though may be slightly longer for people who haven't done many costumes before. was a huge hit with all who saw!

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