Introduction: Vergo Lux

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This is a tilt light, which works by flipping the jar over to turn it on.

I hope you enjoy this instructable.

Step 1: Supplies

Today, I will be making a vergo lux, or a tilt light. this is a very simple project, with no soldering involved.

For this project you will need:

Small breadboard

Tilt ball switch

Medium sized binder clip

Electrical tape


led (I used a RBG led, but i think you can use others)

double sided tape

coin cell

battery jar that can fit the breadboard

Step 2: Making the Vergo Lux

Take the breadboard and stick it onto the lid of the jar.

Cut two wires about 4 cm, and attach them to the battery.

Put the battery and wires in the binder clip.

Remove the two clips from binder clip by pushing the two ends and pulling.

Insert the two wires three holes away from each other.

Place tilt switch with one lead in front of the - lead of the battery and the other next to the first tilt switch lead.

Place the positive end of the led in front of the + lead of the battery, and the - lead in front of the tilt switch lead.

That's it! Your done! If you did everything correctly, then if you flip it the light should turn on. I hope you liked this instructable!

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