Introduction: Verry Simple Bed Frame From Pallets

HI! Today i will show you how to make simple bed frame from standard EUR pallets (120 cm x 80 cm) for a 100 cm x 200 cm bed. It took me about 4-5 hours to complete, designing as we went.

Step 1:


7 standard EUR pallets (120 CM long x 80 cm wide) In Europe, all pallets are safe to use - just look for HT for heat treated. But i ordered a new pallets, so i'm fully sure that they are safe for health. If you will use old pallets, make sure your pallets don't have nasty stuff on them before you sleep on them.


- Jananese Saw

- Screw driver

- Milling machine

- Orbital sander

- Vacuum cleaner

!!!You should protect your hands with rubber gloves, so wount damage them.!!!

Step 2:

Well let's start! We have to sand our pallets. Pallets are very rude, so we have to sand a lot. All flat surfaces i will sand with orbital sander. Other small part im sanding with my hands.

Protruding boards are cut off with a Japanese saw and sanded with orbital sander.

Step 3:

You can see results jf sanding. I closed all the holes with wood putty

Step 4:

If I put 3 pallets together, their length is 240 cm. I need to trim the extra 40 cm. And sanding one more time ;)

I rounded all the corners with an Milling machine.

Step 5:

Now its time to paint! i use white collor paint. I applied 2 layers of paint

Step 6:

When tha paint dries up, its time to connect all pallets twogether. Headboard im attaching with 3 metal corners in first layer. Second layer i'm connecting with screws.

First layer of pallets i'm connecting with metal plates. First and Second layers in connecting with screws.

Step 7:

Thats it! The bed is done. All i have to do, layout new mattress and can sleep.

Enjoy your cozy bed!