Introduction: Versatile Limit Switch Mount

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Small limit switches are used in 3D printers, CNC Routers, Laser Engravers, and many other applications that require mechanical position feedback. The downside is that these little switches are difficult to mount. This 3D printed switch mount should save much time and frustration.

Step 1: Design the Mount in Fusion 360

The files above are the design in Fusion 360, STL (for 3D printing) and a 3D PDF (really cool).

The mount was designed to use #2 screws for holding the switch. The holes for securing the mount are 0.125" in diameter for #4 screws. Metric 3mm screws could also be used and 2.5mm screws could be used to secure the switch to the mount.

The Fusion 360 file will allow modification of the mount for what ever purpose you may need.

Step 2: Mounting Style 1

In this case the switch is mounted inside the mount frame. The mount can be used in either vertical or horizontal format.

Step 3: Mounting Style 2

The switch can also be mounted to the outside of the frame. This works well in applications where more clearance is needed around the switch.

Step 4: Another Mounting Style

The switch can also be mounted behind a panel with a hole drilled through the panel to actuate the switch.

Step 5: Make Several and Keep Them in Stock

Make several of the mounts and keep them with your limit switches. Feel free to use the .F3D file to make modifications. Be sure to comment and describe your new ideas.

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