Introduction: Versatile Multi-Purpose TCG Catch All Table

The idea was conceived after having faced the conundrum of not knowing what I was going to do with my old cards. Anything can be applied, it does not have to be related to what I used. Magazine cutouts, fruit, pets, cars, family photos.

Step 1: Preparations and Avoiding Mistakes

Several bad things happened while making this. The first was having inadequately measured a sheet of plexiglass, and as a result needing to combine another kind of material. If this happens, measure a second but make sure it is the same thickness and dimensions as the larger one you were working with.

Gather the cards you will need, arranging them wisely, in a way that you like. Write all of the things mentioned on paper for when you are at the hardware store.

To secure the playing cards, use a roll of transparent tape. Although it ended up not being the best decision, I also used Scotch Super Glue to secure the glass. It seeped on to a lot of different areas, including the cards, and as a result left a splotchy mess. I solved this by applying permanent marker, and packaging tape. When something similar happens it is particularly noticeable if the primary material is transparent.

Tip: It may be worth the effort to apply red plexiglass, or another color, all of which can be ordered online from places like

"Magic", "Dragon Ball", "Pok'e Mon", and "World of Warcraft" were what I had to work with .. But wanted to add "Yu-Gi-Oh!". A table like this is a good conversation starter.

You can use this contraption for video games, card games (highly recommended with large place mats) , as a night stand, miniatures, or anything else your mind can conceive of.

Step 2: Deciding What It Will Be Used For

Step 3: