Introduction: Vertical Garden 101

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Hi, thanks for reading. If you are here i assume we have some things in common:

We like gardening and flowers.

We have limited space.

We like to save some money.

This is the main reason i started this, i was in look for an alternative to ease the heat at home.

Vertical Gardens have many advantages, but i remember this ones:

-Reduce temperature (lessen the "urban heat island" effect and can help reduce power demands).

-Reduce Noise.

-Clean the air.

-Provide food for bees.

-Makes you home look awesome.

But, they are expensive, as you can see in the video.

So, ¿how can i get the most benefits with the less expense?

Step 1: What´s a Vertical Garden Made Of?

When i first came up with the idea of making a Vertical Garden, i saw lots of beatifull images on Pinterest, and that was a bad idea.

Those where huge displays of green art, and i expected too much of my project. I wanted to make my home look like those on internet.

I found a national supplier here in Mexico, and this is his video of installing 4 panels about 3'x3'. At a cost of $ 50 USD each, deliver not included. But that was 1 thing of too many to install a regular Vertical Garden. I list all the stuff here.

Material: -Screws -Tacks -Washers -Clamps - Plugs

Tools: -Drill -Screwdriver

Equipment: -4 Modules -Geomembrane -Plants -Hose -Connectors -Taxes -Driper -Check valve -Cannel

-Containers of 5 Gal -Water Pump

It will cost a small fortune to just add some flowers.

There's has to be another way.

Step 2: Reducing Cost.

So it was, the same supplier has a video of how to make a cheap versión of a vertical garden.

It need just a Shoe Organizer made of synthetic fabric, to resist the sun and humidity.

But, still you need power tools and in the two options, it stand still.

In my coordinates the sun is tricky, from one sason to another it moves a lot, so i need to move my plants over the year.

I wanted somethig easier to do, and mobile, so i had an idea of making a wood frame, using basic skills and common tools.

Step 3: The Basic Idea.

Once i had the idea, i got to work.

I used a hacksaw, and made straight cut in pieces of a 1x2x8 woods, i got those in Home Depot.

I made all together with metal reinforcements.

But, there's a better way of doing this.

Due the cavities are filled with soil, and then they are watered, the setup becomes a little heavy, and it waves if moved.

Step 4: Strenght the Frame.

Ok, now that we have a basic design, it's time to improve it.

I used a ruler, and i got a chisel and a hammer. This is still basic tools, i guess.

I made a basic wood joint, and it worked very well.

1.-You just have to draw a square for the width of the wood, and use the hacksaw to make a cut just half the thick of it.

2.-Use a chisel to remove excess.


Step 5: Assembly.

Finally, you can use nails to make sure everything keeps in place.

The result is very near to 90° angle. Just using manual tools.

Step 6: Just Add Plants.

Well, from another Instructable i made about Cactus, i explain i live in a very hot province.

I had trouble with plants, because they die a lot in this weather, but finally made myself with a strong kind of flower.

1.-It's called Portulaca grandiflora (if i tell you the name in spanish it's probably you never find it).

It loves the sun, in fact, only blossom at direct sun light, and it comes in a colorfull variety.

It's very easy to reproduce (please take a look at my method for reproduce Cactus, it's very similar process).

2.-I had a little lick, because a plant started grow by itself, i really don't know the name, but it's really resistant, and it grow by descending. Wich it's very good to another plant i did wanted to grow.

3.-The Allium schoenoprasum is a kind on onion, but you only eat the green long part, my wife use this to make RAMEN, and it's delicious. I used to buy this on Walmart, but now i just need to cut a piece in my garden.

It made friend with the other plant that grew itself, because they developed a mutual benefit. They support each other and both grow well.

4.-On top i planted Beaucarnea recurvata, just because i like the long leafs.

So that's it. Make your own combinations of beautyfull flowers, food and share a photo.