Introduction: Vertical Laser Engraving Machine

The model is called vertical laser engraving machine, which is made of fusion 360 modeling, rendering and Simulation of Autodesk company. The whole model adopts gantry type, and actively innovates to improve the gantry type, adjust the processing surface to make the processing surface vertical to the horizontal plane, and the Y axis adopts the structure of double lead screw and double motor to ensure the stability of the Y axis and avoid the inclination of the Y axis. In the process of rendering, we should give full play to the rendering ability of fusion360. According to the different materials, we should use different physical materials, adjust the appearance of different surfaces, and make the model more beautiful and real. Then the static and dynamic simulation of the model is carried out by fusion360. Through these efforts, the model can achieve the effect shown in the figure above.

Step 1: Step 1 : Establishment of XY Axis

After the processing width of the lead screw is determined, the diameter of the lead screw is determined to be 12mm. According to the national standard, the model is established, and the pipe thread is used for substantiation to make the thread real. According to the size of the lead screw, the frame and the linear guide rail are established by drawing. The distance and depth of the center of the hole of the linear guide rail are determined according to the national standard. Finally, according to the distance between the lead screw and the linear guide rail, the slider is established. At last, according to the results of fusion dynamics simulation, the appropriate size of motor and coupling is selected,as shown in Figure above.

Part name size Material Science

X shaft screw M12*600mm

Y shaft screw M12*420mm

Ball bearing M12

Linear guide rail 600mm

Aluminum frame 444mm * 60MM* 5mm aluminum plate * 1 aluminum

50mm * 91mm * 8mm aluminum plate * 2

Stepper motor 42And 0.55n * m torque

Screw nut * 20 M4

Screw *8 M5

Step 2: Step 2 : Laser Spindle

According to the collected data of the spindle motor, the sketch drawing is established, then the slot is excavated, then the slot array is formed into a vent, then the cylindrical laser head is established, finally the position of the chip and the fan is established, and then the rendering is carried out to realize the appearance in the above figure .

Part name power size

Laser head 15W 95mm * 40MM * 40MM

Step 3: Step 3 : Composite Floor

First,collect the information and combine the existing clamps to design a clamp suitable for the machine, as shown in the figure above. The upper nut can be adjusted to clamp the processing plate with different thickness. The linear guide rail adopts the layout shown in the figure above, which can be used to clamp boards of different sizes, and is very economical. The acrylic plate is used in the material, which reduces the price and quality and achieves two goals with one stone. Establish the rib plate to ensure the stability of the combined bottom plate, and then render it as the above figure .

Part name size Material Science

Floor 478mm * 744mm * 11mm Acrylic board

Linear guide * 4 200mm

Linear guide * 2 140mm

Fixture aluminum plate * 6 320mm * 58mm * 4mm aluminum

Stiffener aluminum

Screw *18 M4

Step 4: Step 4 : Assembly Drawing

There are many parts in the model, which are connected by fixing, rotating, sliding, etc. for many times. All parts are assembled together to ensure the integrity and beauty of the design model machine, so that the model can achieve the expected function, as shown in Figure above.

Step 5: Step 5 :Rendering


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