Vertical Stand for PS4

Introduction: Vertical Stand for PS4

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Between all the things I keep on my desk at home during Summer and Winter break and my much smaller dorm room desk, I often find myself needing to keep my PS4 vertical to save valuable real-estate, but I'm also afraid my PS4 is prone to falling so I designed a stand from scratch. In this Instructable i'm going to show my design process and also provide you with all the files to replicate the stand shown above.

Step 1: Measuring Your Object

In this case your object is your PS4, you need to measure the width and length obviously, but you also need to know the offset of the top and bottom, I spent a good amount of time measuring my own PS4 to be extra sure and I can say with confidence the offset is 30mm

The first picture depicts the general shape of the PS4 not including the rubber foot from the side that will be top when vertical. To make the rubber foot just make an arc in the middle of the bottom line. To make the general outline for the PS4 to fit in your own design simply make an outline 0.5mm around the perimeter, This is the outline for your stand now you can make any shape and extrude it, add fillets and chamfers or do what ever!

Step 2: Downloading My Files

I'm going to be mean and have you guys download the files from my GrabCad page, mostly so I know how many people like my stand enough to download it!

Also GrabCad has a 3D model viewer so you can see a model as you would on any CAD program in your browser, no downloads or anything! Just click the link and you'll find the STLs, models for both halves (sldprt files) and the sldprt file for the single piece version as well.

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