Introduction: Very Easy DIY Halloween Wreath

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So I wanted a Halloween wreath but they all cost so much money! So I decided to make one. It's easy and cheap. =D

Step 1: Wreath and Black Flowers

Okay first your going to want to get a wreath, I used a tinsel wreath so I didn't have to buy A LOT of flowers but if you want more flowers then you can get a foam wreath or a wire wreath instead. I started off by placing black flowers with purple glitter all around the wreath.

Step 2: Purple Flowers

I wanted a splash of color so I got purple flowers and placed them on the wreath but I didn't put them all over.

Step 3: Branches

I found some sparkly wilted branches and placed them around the wreath to liven it up a bit.

Step 4: Skeleton Hand

I found a flower with a skeleton hand on it and placed that on the bottom of the wreath along with some of those purple flowers I had on there already.

Step 5: Sparkly Skeleton Head

I placed a skeleton head on the top of the wreath. (keep in mind I added more flowers if I felt like I needed too.)

Step 6: Bow

I got black and white striped ribbon and made a bow to place under then head. I used wire to tie it on.

Step 7: Thats It!

So easy but it was fun!

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