Introduction: Very Easy Steps to Make a Single Band Rainbow Bracelet on a Very Short Loom

Actually you can make this with any lomom but I had only this one :P. Very easy. I made this formula on my own :) !!!!

Step 1: What You Need

first picture -The very small loom

second picture-You can use any stick that has a hook in it.

third picture-You can use more colours and combinations of rubber bands and also take as many rubber bands as you think are enough to go around your wrist once.

fourth picture-That is a'S' clip but you can take any clip for securing the ends.

Step 2: Starting Your Bracelet

Take a rubber band and put it on any two pegs. Next take the rubber band out from one side and insert another rubber band in the first one, again put the first rubber band on the other side.Now attach the clip to the rubber band that is hanging.

Step 3: The First 'layer'

Now add another rubber band to the two pegs and take the stick.Hook one side of the lower rubber band and pull the side of the rubber band off the peg, for now I am using the term 'overlapping' to refer to this process. Repeat for the other side.

Step 4: The Complete Rubber Band

Keep adding rubber bands and overlapping until the length you desire has been reached.

Step 5: The Cut-off

To finish the bracelet take off the only rubber band that is currently clinging to both pegs and attach to the clip.

Step 6: Finish!!!

Now wear it or gift it to someone!!!:)