Introduction: Very Powerful Electromagnet

In this, I will show you guys how I made my very own extremely powerful electromagnet (not the one that can lift a car). It has large power to size ratio and can lift the heavy 6v 4Ah lead-acid battery it is used to power.

Step 1: Stuffs Needed

To build a powerful electromagnet the things you need are found easily at the home.

1. A transformer with a laminated core
2. Wires
3. Solder (or electric tape)
4. A switch that can handle high current.
5. 6-12 volt battery

Step 2: Tweaking the Transformer

Opening the transformer is the most difficult yet important part of this project. The main transformer that is meant for use in high power application is usually made up of many thin pieces of iron in form of "E" and "I". If you are opening CRT TVs/Monitors, UPSs, stop immediately, not just because it is extremely dangerous to do so, but you won't find anything useful for this project. You will, however, find a flyback transformer which is very cool and can be used to make some Jacob's ladders or a high-voltage and high-frequency thing similar to that. But it lacks the laminated core that we need. To do this, separate the glue and ply out the "E"s and "I"s after unwinding the copper wires. We will need the "E"s. Stack the "I"s and "E"s individually. Rewind the coil on the inner arm of the "Es". Use the thicker copper wire and make sure the enamel isn't damaged during the process. Wind it closely and as tight as possible. Lower gague wire and higher voltage source will improve the strength. Stacked "I"s creates a powerful lock with the stacked "E"s. This is a little tricky, please talk help if required.