Very Quick Desk Extension

Introduction: Very Quick Desk Extension

This instructable will be about as quick as the desk extension...

Suddenly i found myself working from home, with only a childs desk to sit at. the distance between the monitor and the keyboard and me meant that my arms were in limbo and within 2hrs my back hurt.

A quick trip out to the garage and a piece of painted pine found all is well in my world


1 Piece of wood suitable for putting the keyboard on, ideally without any sharp edges

1 or more woodworking clamps

Step 1: Put the Jobbie in Place

Put the larger piece of wood ontop of your existing desk, use the clamp or clamps to hold it in place then put your keyboard and mouse on it and get back to work without backache which is a massive bonus.

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    2 years ago

    The best solutions are often the quickest and easiest! Thanks for sharing : )