Introduction: Very Simple Hidden Exit in Minecraft

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Hello! Today I will show you a 100% hidden base exit this works perfectly with my hidden passcode locked base entrance this is probably one of the easiest builds I can show you.

Step 1: Materials

You will need

Redstone torch
Powered rails

Step 2:

Dig a 1x1 hole going all the way down to your base

Step 3:

Place ladders except for the very top block

Step 4:

Break the block that I have if you don't it will not work

Step 5:

Patch up the block where the hole is

Step 6:

Add 2 powered rails going into the block you just placed

Step 7:

Put a minecart on the rails

Step 8:

Power the rails with whatever you want

Step 9:

Push the minecart and it should go into the block

Step 10:

Break the rails and the torch

Step 11:

Then patch up the last hole

Step 12:

At the bottom of my screen you will see a ride button press that or right click then you will be in the minecart just spam jump whilst walking forward.
Hope this turns out all right for you:)