Introduction: Very Simple Refuge

Hi all

I want to share with you how I made this small and very simple refuge in about an hour. It was a very fun activity and I liked the result despite having taken little time. I built it in a pine forest, and it was very easy to find the material I needed, and I did not use any tools :D

This is the only thing you should look for:

  • A proper site
  • Wooden sticks, some thick and others thin.
  • Many leaves, in my case pine needles :)

Step 1: The Right Place

Walk through the forest in search of a site that is useful. This refuge has a conical shape and is supported by a central post that in this case will be a tree.

We must look for a tree that allows us to support sticks in it, it helps a lot that at the height that we place the sticks there is a branch that serves as an extra support.

Step 2: The Sticks

Now it's time to go in search of all kinds of sticks that we find in the forest.

For the main support we will need thicker sticks. Then we will use thinner sticks that we will be piling between the previous ones.

Step 3: Orientation

As a tip, if there is wind or breeze it is important to know in which direction they go, so we can locate the access opposite to these, to be more warm inside.

Step 4: Thick Sticks

We will place the thickest sticks around the tree, and we will support them on this one.

To be more reinforced we can bury a little the outer of the stick that is against the ground.

Once we have this part, the sticks are more secure because they support each other.

Step 5: Thin Sticks

Now we can place all the thinner sticks supporting them on the previous structure, and do not forget where we locate the access...

Step 6: Cover

Now the simplest part, cover the entire structure with the tree leaves you find, the more you cover it much better.

Here I used the pine needles that were all over the ground.

Step 7: Finished

And that's it, the easiest refuge you can build.

Step 8: And... Take a Nap

Find the right spot and take a break :D

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