Introduction: Very Simple Beach Dress for a Next Warm Season All Sizes Are in One (from S to XL)

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Piece of reversible fabric 54.68 x 62,5 inch. and   300 inch. of trim.
Sewings tools:
sewing machine, threads, measuring ribbon, swept, scissors, iron

Step 2: Pattern and Cutting Out

Mark out fabric as on a photo, and cut out  oval detail, and  cut out  belt detail. First cut out  belt detail. Then  cut off corners to contoured. Do openings for hands as on a photo. Cutting complete!

Step 3: Sewing

 At first we sew a belt. Then we bend and smooth over a ribbon. After then we edge a ribbon all of edges. And our dress-blanket are complete.
  Have fun! In sun weather it is possible to cover a head

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