Introduction: Very Simple Emergency Lantern

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This is a simple candle powered lantern made from a candle stick and a V-8 juice can. It is meant for power outages when flashlight batteries are dead(this happens to me more than i like to admit)or you want to conserve those batteries.I used this in a power outage and while not terribly bright it provided plenty of light to see by.This was also done during the time i didn't have a digital camera handy, so once again it's a bit skimpy on the pics. I will not have this problem anymore now that i have a new camera.

Step 1: Get One of Those Brass Candle Sticks You See in Thrift Stores.

Make sure you get one that has a screw off top(the candle holding part). Also find a V-8 or simalar sized tin can. Un screw the top of the candle holder and set the two pieces aside.

Step 2: Now Drill a Hole in the Juice Can

Get a drill and bit with about the same size as the candle holder, size doesen't really matter as long as it fits ok.Now find the center of the can(i eye balled mine)and drill your hole.

Step 3: Put the Shaft of the Candle Stick Through the Hole.

Now screw the candle holder cup back on inside the can so it looks like the pic .

Step 4: Get Out the Epoxy.

Get some 5 minute epoxy and mix some up, now raise the candle holding part off the can by pushing on the bottom of the stick, just enough to get some epoxy under the candle holder. Pull it back down when the epoxy is in place by now pulling on the bottom of the stick so the holder if set firmly in the epoxy.You can also put some on the outside bottom where it enters the can.Now just let it sit and dry.

Step 5: Get a Candle Stub for the Holder.

Now your done. Make sure you hold it under the can by gripping the stick, it gets hot very fast, i think i should drill some vent holes in the top to let out some heat.Also this was never meant as a continuous burning lamp it's just supposed to light your way to like the bath room or to find some more candles if your flashlights are dead. It's a back up.

Step 6: The Finished Lantern.

All done.