Introduction: Vex Automated Nerf Crossbow

This is how to build a vex automated nerf crossbow simply


vex iq “brain”
- vex iq smart motor
- vex iq distance sensor
-x2 vex cables

Step 1:

Step 2: Assembly of the Motor

Please refer to the photos

Step 3: Attach the Motor to the Nerf Gun

Hot glue the motor to the trigger assembly of your nerf gun

Step 4: Wiring of the Motor

Plug the smart wire into the motor and the other end into port one

Step 5: Distance Sensor

Hot glue the distance sensor onto the end of the nerf crossbow that fires make sure it is almost at the tip of the nerf crossbow plug one end of a smart wire into the distance sensor and the other into port 5 of the “ brain “

Step 6: Wiring of the Distance Sensor

Step 7: Code

Please refer to the photo

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