Vibration Robot With Tiny DC Motors

Introduction: Vibration Robot With Tiny DC Motors

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This Instructable shows how you can make simple vibration robot with tiny DC motors (that would have no other use at home) shown in the two videos. When the motors arrived in the mail they were smaller than expected and I was not sure what to do with them. I could not find a suitable wheel, propeller or vibrator. So I decided to make a few vibration robots.

I used wire wrap instead of normal wire because the motor metal contacts are very small with very small holes and normal wire would not fit through the holes. I could not find a small enough vibrator to connect to the motor rotors or rods. So I used blue tag that you see in the video.

I attached the motors to castor cups with blue tag.

You can use two button cells but the voltage might not be high enough for the robot to move. Thus three button cells is a better idea. However, three button cells might burn the motor.

The two videos show vibration robots with two and three button cells.


You will need:

- blue tag or plasticine or tape,

- small brush or old castor cup (for table or chair legs),

- wire wrap or wire,

- three 1.5 V button cells,

- wire stripper or wire wrap stripper,

- soldering iron.

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