Vick's Filter Free Cool Mist Filter Conversion

Introduction: Vick's Filter Free Cool Mist Filter Conversion

The Vick's FilterFree Cool Mist Humidifier is a great way to moisten the air.  But if you have one you have probably found them a little wanting.

After a few weeks of use ours was making a strange wobbling type sound.  Upon closer inspection I noticed the Aerator Spindle was covered in a mossy moldy greenish black slimy gunk.  I also found it had dirt and gunky growth all inside the aerator housing as well.

Because there was no air intake filter to keep dust, mold spores, germs and other particles from getting into the unit, moldy mossy growth was taking place.

If you have had this problem don't throw it away.  I will show you how to clean and add a filter to your Vick's Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier.

For this Instructable you will need
Philips screw driver.
Hot soapy water
An old toothbrush
One clean girls Dress Sock  (save the other for an extra filter replacement).

Step 1: Taking Your Vick's Cool Mist Unit Apart

 unplug your Vick's Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier.

 take off Reservoir, empty and clean then set aside.

 remover Aerator and Motor housing unit and turn over and unscrew the three screw tabs and remove bottom cover.

Step 2: Removing Aerator Spindle and Aeration Plate

 take hold of the Aerator spindle and turn to the unlocked position and lift to to remove.

 put your fingers under the flaps of the rotating aerator plate and lift sternly to remove from motor spindle.

Step 3: Removing and Cleaning Motor Housing

Remove the four motor housing screws and lift out the motor housing.

Completely wash all plastic Housing parts in warm soapy water. 

Next find your mother-in-laws toothbrush or any old toothbrush to clean the tight, hard to scrub places. 

The aerator spindle will have stuff in it you may need to run hot water through it and use Q-tips to get all the slimy gunk out of the inside of the aerator spindle.

Step 4: Removing Air Intake Grill and Adding Filter

 find the two screws besides the motor that hold the top section near the Air intake grill and unscrew them.

 slightly lift the top above the air intake Grill and pull the Air intake grill out of its position.

Wash air intake grill with warm soapy water and dry.

cut and remove the upper area of the sock leaving only the foot area so you have a filter bag.

slip filter bag over the air intake grill and pull tight and fold excess flap into the inside of the air intake grill.

Step 5: Replacing Filtered Air Intake and Reassembling

 Place Air Intake grill back into place and push top down into place.

 tighten top plate screws.

 re assemble in reverse order replacing the motor Housing, Aerator plate and Aerator spindle and bottom plate remembering to replace and tighten all screws.

 replace aerator motor unit back on Humidifier base.  Refill reservoir and put on Humidifier base.

Step 6: Enjoying Your Vick's Filtered Cool Mist Humidifier

Place your Vick's Filtered Cool Mist Humidifier in a good location, turn on and enjoy cool clean misty air. 


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Question 2 years ago on Step 5

Do you have to disassemble again to clean the sock?


2 years ago

I have a different model that has the same rotating plate covering the motor housing. The plate has the same arrows indicating lock to unlock position but for the life of me I can't remove it. When I pushed the plate down following the "unlock" arrow direction, the whole thing rotated with it, didn't unlock anything. I tried pushing down, lifting up while rotating it but nothing worked. The rotating plate is definitely locked, I just can't figure out how to unlock it.


5 years ago

This is a great idea! I just ordered one of these as a replacement for one I had, the engine was knocked onto the tile floor by a child, and was so impressed with.

I will add the stocking right away, as well as continue to add a drop or two of concentrated bleach to each filling of the reservoir.

Thanks for sharing!


7 years ago on Introduction

I was suggesting to take the long red straw that comes with your WD40 spray lubricant and spray the metal axle the Aerator sits on and let it trickle down into the aerator attached to it. Just leave it sit upside down after you spray some up in there.

The Idea to remove this is to clean the unit. if you can get it off the unit will not be fully cleaned before making the filter for it. If you dont have to remove it just proceed to putting the filter in the intake area.


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

But then I just realized that you have to take that off to get to the filter area.