Victorian Ball Gown

Introduction: Victorian Ball Gown

Who wouldn't want a fabulous ball gown?  

For Vintage Fashion and Sewing class, I made this JAN 1877 bodice and  1960's hoop skirt.

Sewing supplies:
0-00 grommets 3 dz
Purchased Hoop-skirt
La Mode Illistree Jan 1877 with pattern page
Skirt 4- 5 yd
Bodice 8 yd 
Lining 8 yd
Buckram 8 yd
Mock up fabric 8 Yd
Rat's tail 12 yd

This project is advance. La Mode Illistree is in French, has no instructions and has most of the pattern pieces.

Step 1: Pattern

Trace out and size you pattern pieces.

For those who do not know what La Mode Illistree look like here you go.
The magazine has life style of the times and Images the current styles, most have patterns included. The pattern is the large sheet(s) covered in lines and small paragraphs of what the style is to be made of.

Step 2: Mock Up

Sew a mock up.
Pinch and pin at the seams to get it to fit.

Step 3: Bodice & Skirt

After fitting the bodice, transfer all of the altered  pattern pieces to you pattern.
Cut out your Ling, Buckram and fashion fabric.
Iron with steam, the fashion fabric to the buckram. Buckram has some water base glue in it and adding steam makes it stick to the fabric.
Sew all together, add grommets along the back 

The skirt was a three piece skirt with 3 gores, a mistake I got 1 yard less of the fabric I needed but I made it work.

Step 4: Admire

Grab a glass of your favorite drink and admire you handy work.

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