Introduction: Video Camera Fixed Microphone Boom

****NOTE: This was one of my first instructables and I understand it isn't the best! If you have any questions feel free to comment*****

Hello. My Instructable is about how to build a  microphone boom that attaches to your camera's tripod connector. I did this so that the noise produced by my camcorder's tape would not be picked up on my microphone.

Step 1: You Will Need...

To make the boom you will need...
- Red (or any colour) insulation tape
- Two tripod ball bearing joints (harvested from old poundland tripods)
- Araldite super glue (or equivalant)
- A piece of tubing long enough to be out of the way of the camcorders LCD screen. Also helps if it can fit snuggly inside the ball bearing housing.


- hacksaw

Step 2: Assembly 1

Firstly, screw the first ball bearing tripod mount in and open up the screen on your camera. Measure the length from the end of your cameras screen to the tripod hole and then add an inch for good measure. Excuse the pun!

Step 3: Assemby 2

Now cut your tube and clean up the ends. now apply glue aroud the ends of the pipe(and a little tape before this if the joint isnt snug) and pop on the ends.

Step 4: Astetics

Purely to make my boom look porfessional I wrapped it in tape although you dont have to. You could always paint this tube or leave it how it is.

You can also use the "hot shoe" connection on the top of the camera instead of the second ball bearing mount to free up the tripod mount at the bottom for, you guessed it, a tripod!

**quarter inch bolts can be bolted through the pipe instead of the ball bearing mounts at the ends.

Enjoy 8¬)