Introduction: Video Game Inspired Paracord Bracelets

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My son had the idea when he was on here one day. So we used 3 of our favorite video games to inspire our color choices. My son actually made the White and Gray red striped one. In order not to bore you I only documented one of the ones we made. I did block out the names of the games, but I left enough I think that you can figure them out.

Step 1: Materials

Paracord (3 colors were used on each one)
Small needle nose pliers
Curved side release buckle

Not Pictured

Step 2: Main Bracelet

It will depend on the length that you want the bracelet, for the 2 bigger ones I used close to 5 feet of each for the 2 main colors, my son used about 4 feet of each.
Start by passing about 2 inches of each color through one half of the buckle. I like to tape them in place, Iknow have also fusedd the 2 colors together as well.
Run the other ends through the other half of the buckle set the length that you want to make the bracelet.Then pass the ends back through the first half of the buckle.
(I tape the bottom together as well, I find it makes it alittle easier while working)
Loop the color that will be the back around, and then loop the front color around the running end of the back color, across the front and through the back color loop(as seen in the 6th picture of this step). Pull tight, you continue the same movements for the the entire bracelet, a hint to keep track, is that the back color will kind of point towards you, that color will always go across the back.
Once you get to the end, as seen in picture 17 of this step, pass the remaining running ends through the buckle to the back side picture 18 of this step. Here is were small needle nose pliers come in handy, (I prefer to hide the running ends back into the back/bottom side of the bracelet). Work about 1 to 1 1/2 inches back into the work as seen in pictures 19-24 of this step.

Step 3: Adding the Stripe (3rd Color)

Once the main bracelet is done, you can add a 3rd color. Determine the length that you will need, easy way to lay out seen in the first picture of this step. Cut to the length and then pull the ineer strands out,  gutting or making it flat line, pictures 2-4 of this step. Make sure to fuse the ends as seen in picture 5. Run the thin cord through one of the buckles, just go down about half way on the backside picture 7 of this step. 

Then start working the cord over and under the front main color Pictures 8-13. I did every other one, but thought afterward that it might look good by going over and under in groups of two. Also, one variation is to pass the flatline piece through the 2 main colors under the buckle(seen in pictures 11-13) you can do this in the begining as well.
To finish, work the flatline on the backside under as seen in pictures 14-17. 

Step 4: Finished

I hope you enjoyed, please feel free to leave comments, ideas or your examples.
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