Introduction: Video Projector Lightshow!

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Any good party needs some lights! But light effects can cost hundreds of dollars which is pretty expensive for a device that'll only be used a few times per year.

With this instructable you can get light effects similar to a scanner or movinghead that will impress any party guest!

Step 1: Parts/Tools Required

The devices used for this project are easy to get. If don't have a projector a friend of you might has one just be creative.

The following devices are required:

  1. a Video projector (any will work)
  2. a fog mashine or diy alternative
  3. a computer - a laptop for the sake of simplicity
  4. the required cables to connect the computer to the projector
  5. OPTIONAL: a tripod if your projector even supports one

Step 2: Fog It Up

In order to make the light visible in mid air you will need proper fog in the room! For best results and convenience you should use a proper fog mashine or you can also build one yourself there are plenty of instructables arround.

I link this instructable (the second picture is from it) by makendo because he built a battery powered fog mashine out of a vape.

If you have people vaping at your party you can skip this step

Step 3: The Software

There is an opensource software dedicated to using a projector as lightshow, it's called MusicBeam and you can download it for Windows, Mac, and even Linux.

Download it on their website:

In order to let the software do it's magic you need to go to the display settings of your computer and set it to extend the displays so you can use your primary monitor to change the effects.

The software even has sound to light functionality! If your laptop does not have an internal mic you can add an external one to get awesome, music syncronized, light effects.

Additional tip:

Disable alll energy saving features that will turn the screen off after some time because nothing is more anoying than getting blinded by the "no signal" screen


If the software just appears as a grey box, you should try the 32 bit version even if you use 64 bit Windows!

Step 4: The Proper Projector Setup

Place the projector at eye level projecting towards your guests and because it's a projector and not a laser it is not as dangerous to get blind or similar.

A tripod makes this very easy and convinent just secure it properly so noone will knock the expensive projector over especially if you serve drinks.

Adjust the focus and zoom to make the lightshow look as you intend it to be.

Step 5: Have Fun!

This simple setup of office devices will not only look cool but impress your guests at a small to no cost!

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