Introduction: Video Installation

Always wanted to make a video intallation but never had a clue how to do it? Here's one!

Step 1: Requirements

Matrasses and Tunnels:

- 3x 1.70 m of happy fabric for the matrasses
- 3x 1,00 m of happy fabric for the tunnels
- 3 x 1.00 m of black fabric for the inside of the tunnels
- a sewingmachine
- scissors
- thread
- needles.
- 3 Pieces of (coloured) rope

Electric stuff:

- 3 DVD players
- 3 LCD monitors
- 3 Video-audio cables
- Multiple sockets


- 3x 4m of thin chain
- Plastic straps
- A ladder
- 3 Empty dvd's
- 3 Movies
- 1 Computer to burn your dvd's
- Ducktape
- Plastic, fabric or foam to fill the matrasses
- Scissors to cut the plastic straps

Step 2: Matrasses


Take your 1,70m fabric and sew 1 short side and 1 long side.
If its correct, the other long side is allready closed by the fold of it.

After that, you can finish the side that is still open by folding the edges and sew this.

Fill them up with whatever you want.

Step 3: Tunnels

So now we're going to make the tunnels, which you can pull over your head, creating a little tent later.

First you take 1 m of black fabric.

You close it in lenght, you leave the short sides open. Sew the edges for a good look.

Then you do the same thing with your happy fabric.
After this, you put the black one in the colored one. Sew them togeter on both short sides.

Now you have somekind of a tunnel that you can easily put over the tv screens, just tie with a string or ribbon.

Step 4: The DVD Players

Hanging them:

- First take one piece of chain and wrap it around the dvdplayer like wrapping a gift.
- Make sure you leave a piece of chain, with this end you can place it on the ceiling later.
- Tie it safe with your plastic straps.
- Test it if it's safe by picking it up, if it slides or anything, you might wanna tape some chain to the dvdplayer.

- Then get on a ladder and place the piece of chain that you left over on a hook or beam in the ceiling.
- Tie safe with multiple plastic straps

Step 5: LCD Screens

- Stick your LCD screens horizontally on the end of the chains with tape
- Hook them up on one side of the video/audio output cable
- Strap the wire to the cable with plastic straps
- Put the fabric tunnels over the LCD screens and tie them with a piece of rope

Step 6: Wires & DVDS


- Make sure that your dvd players are getting power
- Make sure that your LCD screens are getting power
- Make sure that the audio/video cable is hooked up to the dvd player and the lcd screen


- Burn your dvd's
- Put them in the dvdplayers
- Play!

(make sure that the lcd screens are on)

Step 7: Final Product!

So, now its done!

It depends on what your showing ofcourse, but my video installation was about choosing a mood or an experience.

People can lie on the matrasses and put there heads inside the tunnels, watching a mood, a little film on the LCD.