Introduction: Videogame Diorama-Pokemon Example

You can make any video game diorama, today i choose a pokemon battle from FireRed version.

You will need:

- 8inx12in 3mm thick MDF wood


-X-acto knife



-Black frame

-Black paint spray

-Laser cut machine(i used K40 machine).

-Inkscape software

-K40 whisperer software


Today i choose Pokemon FireRed,

This is what we will be working on.


Go to to find the images of your video game.


Then select the images you want to use, in my case i am going to choose Charizard and Mewtwo since are my favorite pokemons.


On the same website i can find the icons and background of the game as well, i will use the battle background and icons.


Now that we selected our images we go to inkscape software and make a frame of 460x380.


Now we have to crop our images to select what we only need, so we are going to crop charizard, mewtwo, and the icons needed. I outline charizard and then Menu Object-Clip-Set. i repeated the same step for all my items.


Once you clipped all your items, set the size you want for the picture.


Then we proceed to laser cut the silhouette of each item we will use.


After you have the laser cut shapes, i print out the pictures of your silhouettes on a sticker A4 size sheet, make sure you select A4 size and make sure they fit the same you have for the laser cut silhouettes.


At this step we will use the exacto knife to cut the printed images.


Next, place the stickers on the laser cut parts, and then glue the laser cut parts accordingly to the design desired.


To make the frame I made the window 1 inch smaller that the background, but you can make it as you like., i designed on inkscape a simple frame ,laser cut it and glue it, no big issue there, or you can buy a black frame if preferred.