Introduction: Vietnamese Frozen Yogurt

- 2 cans of condensed milk

- 4 cans of boiling water (using the can of the condensed milk)

- 440 mL of milk

- 300 gram of plain yogurt

- Instant pot

Step 1: Open the Condensed Milk Can With the Can Opener. Pour the Condensed Milk Into the Pot From the Instant Pot.

Step 2: Addition of Water

- Reuse the empty can of condensed milk to measure boiling water

- Mix the water with spoon or chopstick depending on the tools you have at home to dissolve any leftover condensed milk in the can.

- Then, pour the boiling water into the pot and stir it well thoroughly.

Step 3: Measure 440 ML of Milk With a Measuring Cup and Pour It Into the Pot. Mix It Well.

Step 4: Addition of Plain Yogurt

- If you have a thermometer, you can measure the temperature of the milk (expectancy about 40 - 50 Celsius degree). If you don't have one, you can wait about 5 - 7 minutes for the milk to cool down a bit. (Note 1)

- After the milk is cooled down, measure 300 grams of plain yogurt (Note 2), pour it into the milk mixture and mix it well. (Note 3)

Step 5: After All the Ingredients Are Mixed Well Together, You Can Set Up the Instant Pot With Yogurt Function for 15 Hours. (Note 4))

Step 6: Freeze the Yogurt (PART 1)

- Once the yogurt is done after 15 hours, it will have a dense texture as shown above.

- Put the pot into the freezer or if you don't have space in the freeze, you can scoop the yogurt into smaller containers.

- Freeze the yogurt for 6 hours (Note 5)

Step 7: Churning the Yogurt

- After 6 hours of freezing the yogurt, take it out of the freezer and blend it using the blender.

- Make sure the yogurt have the icy texture as shown in the picture (Note 6)

Step 8: Package Into Containers and Freeze Them (PART 2)

- After blending the yogurt, you can pour them into containers you want to store them in.

- Freeze them overnight. (6-8 hours)



1) Refraining from pouring the yogurt in immediately because it will kill the bacteria in the yogurt and your yogurt will not ferment later.

2) If you don't want to waste the plain yogurt in the measuring cup, you can pour 1 cup of the milk mixture and mix it well with the plain yogurt before you pour it into the Instant Pot.

3) The amount of plain yogurt determines how long you will have to cook the yogurt. If you measure more plain yogurt, it takes less time for yogurt to ferment and vice versa.

4) The amount of time you cook the yogurt determines how sour the yogurt will be. If you cook for about 14 hours, it has a sweeter taste and if you cook for about 16-18 hours, it has a sourer taste.

5) If you scoop them into smaller containers, it will reduce the amount of time it takes to freeze in the freezer. For this big portion, it takes about 9 hours if you don’t scoop them out of the Instant Pot.

6) If you blend the yogurt when it has not met the frozen texture yet, you won’t achieve the smooth texture of ice cream after you freeze it (like the figure shows above).

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