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For a long time I have tested the Emoncms platform and in this opportunity I will show you the end result and the quality of the dashboards and / or visualizations.

I have taken some tutorials that will serve as intermediate steps.

We will visualize a dashboard created in emoncms, from several devices, update time and dynamism of the widgets and graphics.

In this tutorial we will not detail the hardware even though, although they are real data, the final hardware is still in development.

Technically there are 3 devices:

1- Arduino Mega 2560 + ESP8266 01(SOLAR MONITOR)

- 2 Temperature Measurement (Onewire)

- 2 Measurements DC voltages (conditioning)

- 1 Light Intensity Measurement (LDR)

2- Very easy charging circuit LM317, for

-1 Battery acid 6v 1.2Ah

-1 10W Solar Panel

3- Esp8266 12E NodeMCU Lolin (SOLAR STATION)

-1 DHT 11 Temperature and Humidity Rel

The idea 1 analyze the behavior of the solar panel.

The idea 2 so far is to feed the ESP8266 12E 24/7 consuming 80mA without sleep mode.

Documentation English available in

Documentación Español disponible en

More Test Youtube

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Step 1: Dashboards in Real Time

Dashboards in Real Time

Unfortunately I can not embed the graphics on this site .. :(

But from this link you can see theDashboards in Real Time!!!

Pero desde este enlace pueden ver el Dashboards en Tiempo Real!!!!

Step 2: Views

  • View Monitor PC 1280x720 Chromium (Google Chrome) Lubuntu
  • View Monitor PC 1280x720 Firefox Lubuntu
  • View Tablet 7" Samsung (Android)
  • View phone 4" Samsung (Android)

Step 3: Emoncms (OpenEnergyMonitor)

Although we will emphasize on the platform, it is important to know the main mission of the OpenEnergyMonitor Project. is a tool to help and conserve the use of energy

(thermal, solar,wind ....) and to collaborate with sustainable development. step is to measure, analyze and take actions ..... well that is my humble opinion.

There are 3 modes versions of Emoncms

  • Local installation on PC
  • Account at
  • Installation in Hosting

As I have purchased a Hosting With Arvixe, I have decided to mount in Hosting.


Installation IoT Platform Emoncms in lubuntu Linux

Website: OpenEnergyMonitor - Emoncms

Step 4: Introduction WifiManager + ESP8266

I have implemented the WifiManager library to facilitate the configuration of network credentials and parameterization in General of the ESP8266 Modules.

Documentation Complete

Introduction library WifiManager esp8266 explained - explicado : PDAControl

Step 5: WifiManager + Emoncms First Tests + ESP8266

In the first implementation of WifiManager with Emoncms, it allows the configuration of a large part of the parameters required by the WEB Platform.

This initial example performs temperature reading and sends data using an HTTP / JSON client.

Documentation Complete:
WifiManager + Emoncms (OEM) with ESP8266 (Temperature) #1

Step 6: ​First WiFiManager Integration + Emoncms Client on ESP8266

First WiFiManager Integration + Emoncms Client on ESP8266,

Test Connection with the 3 variants of the Emoncms platform, node configuration from WifiManager

Step 7: Conclusions and More Info


Visualizing the Dashboard from different browsers, different operating systems and more importantly at different resolutions, the visualization is still perfect, from my point of view.

Recommendation: In the case of browsers on Android, enable the option "see as a computer"

In next tutorials I will detail in detail the hardware implemented, I repeat this is an initial test I hope you like it.

Measurement of Voltage in batteries, Solar Panels Initially with Arduino ... then with ESP8266.

Dashboards in Real Time

But from this link you can see the Dashboards in Real Time!!!

Pero desde este enlace pueden ver elDashboards en Tiempo Real!!!!


Documentation available in

Documentación disponible en

More Test Youtube

PDAControl Channel

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