Introduction: View Sensor Data by Screen LCD

In this project we must view data from 2 sensors on a screen with Arduino. The application of this project is monitoring humidity and temperature in a greenhouse.


Authors: Marco Speranza, Max Leon Carlesi, Filippo Ferretto

Azienda: FanLab Vr

Step 1: Used Materials:

  • Ide Arduino
  • Arduino Genuino
  • 2 DHT22 (temperature and humidity sensor)
  • Screen LCD I2C 20 x 4
  • 1 Meanwell 12V 25W power supply
  • Stepdown to power the Arduino from 12 to 8 Volt. (We didn't power it at 5V or 6V but a little more to make the LCD Leds brighter)
  • Electric soldering iron
  • Plastic Box
  • PMMA foil 1mm thick to make the cover
  • some screws

Step 2: Description

Firstly we have to find the code about the LCD screen, secondly we have to find the code about the sensor. Then we put everythings togheter to make the final code.

Finally we have to put the Arduino and the other materials into a box to be ready for usage.

Step 3: Code

To write on the screen the data we have to use this code and pay attention to the sensor pins.

Step 4: Last Step

When it is everything settled you can put every part of the project in the box. Then it is ready to be used inside the greenhouse.

Step 5: Sources

for more information check my GitHub page