Introduction: View Instructable As a Pro User With Additional Features (all Steps in One Page + Save It).

This is my first instructable. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Hope you will enjoy this. Have you ever thought of viewing all steps of an instructable in one page and saving it. Here is a technique to get it with some additional features than the pro account from instructables, and of course legally.

By this method, you can not only view all steps in one page, but also save them as an image(this will be helpful for people who does not have pdf support on their TV or mobiles to view instructable). When you use online application to make pdf file of the page you are viewing, you often need to download it (even though it is small), and of course it will not work in this method. So i choose to make an png copy of the webpage, and it worked quite well. You will also get an additional feature that even the pro members don't -view all comments along with each step. Let me tell you one drawback in using this method - you should edit the picture in an Image Processing Software before printing it.

Step 1: Step 1 Materials Needed

Mozilla Firefox 3.xx

Auto Pager


Picasa Photo Viewer

Step 2: Upgrading Firefox

You can directly add these addons to firefox from mozilla or download it and add it later. Once the process is complete, restart firefox. You can see the logos of Auto Pager and FireShot.

Step 3: Setting Up FireShot

First, you have to configure these pluggins for this spesific use.

Click on the settings button of Fireshot. Choose exactly the same options given in the picture.

Step 4: Setting Up Auto Pager

click the "?" button near Activate/Deactivate button
You will be redirected to Auto Pager rules website.
Choose the settings as shown here and install all rules
Restart firefox

Now you are done with setting up the pluggins.

Step 5: Finalizing

Open an instructable (I choose Cheeseburger-Made-In-A-Rice-Cooker)

Activate Auto Pager by clicking the button (color=activated; B/W=Deactivated)
Wait till all the steps are loaded.

Click on FireShot button at top. You will be provided an  dialogue box to choose an destination folder. Choose one and save it. You will get an High Quality PNG file with all steps. You can use them for offline reading. Open it in Picasa and enjoy. I have also added the picture that I saved.

Note: The picture must be zoomed to 100%, then you can simply move it up and down with mouse or you can open it in Firefox and scroll it with arrow keys.

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