Viewing 3D Videos on YouTube With a DODOcase

Introduction: Viewing 3D Videos on YouTube With a DODOcase

The DODOcase makes it possible to view 3D videos in 3D. YouTube has a lot of 3D videos. This Instructable tells you how to view those videos in 3D.

Step 1: Finding the 3D Options Menu on a YouTube Video

Once you find a 3D video to watch you need to set the options to be compatible with viewing on the DODOcase. In the lower right corner is a gear icon (circled in the above image).

Step 2: Selections on First Level of YouTube 3D Options

Click on the gear icon you found in the previous step. The menu shown in the image above will pop up. In this menu make sure the 3D is "ON" as shown.

Step 3: Make Selections on the YouTube "Options" Menu.

Choose the "Options" link on the pop up menu. Make sure the selections shown are made. "Full width" on the top menu and "Side by side" on the bottom menu. You may need to come back to this menu and choose the "Swap (right-left)" box at the top if the video seems to be inside out when playing.

Step 4: Select Full Screen Mode and Play the Video.

Select full screen mode by clicking on the icon circled above in the lower right corner. Now play the video and enjoy the 3D experience! Note if the left and right are swapped the video will look weird. Go back to the previous step and choose "Swap (right-left)" in the "Options" menu.

Below is a link to a short 3D video on YouTube.

Demo 3D video on YouTube

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