Introduction: Vikings TV Show Season 1: Ragnar and Lagertha Costumes With Bonus Hair Instruction How To

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Costumes took about 8-10 hours combined and cost around $30 for the supplies from Dollarama and $24 for the T-shirt and pants.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Dollarama is the cheapest place for supplies!!!

- Foam Floor Mats x 2 packages (4 interlocking pieces per package)

- Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

- Acrylic Paint: White, Silver, Blue, Black

- Paint Brushes

- Sharpie

- Foam Styrofoam Ball

- Scissors

- Serrated Knife

- Caulk

- Brown Belts

- Plastic Sword

- Plastic Hatchet

- Beige Vinyl Tablecloth

- Plastic Brown Placemats x 2

- Brown Yarn

- Brown Tights

- Clip On Hair Extension

- Gold Hair Spray Cans x 2

Chinatown is the second cheapest place....

- Men's Brown T-shirt

- Men's Brown Pants

Various items from other sources...

- Women's Brown Sweater

- Matching Cuff Like Bracelets

Step 2: Making the Shields

1) Glue the pieces together with hot glue

2) Cover the edges with caulking

3) Use the caulking to create wood like planking

4) Leave overnight to let the caulking dry and set

5) Use string and sharpie to trace a circle

6) Cut shield out with the scissors

7) Cut edges from scraps to glue to edges and to make embellishments

8) Use the serrated knife to cut the styrofoam ball in half

9) Glue the ball and foam embellishments to the shield

10) Use hot glue to make fake rivets

11) Paint the shields per pictures

12) Hot glue a foam strip in the back for a handle

Step 3: Ragnar and Lagertha's Costumes


1) Cut T-shirt collar to make it a V-neck

2) Fold T-shirt in half to make pattern

3) Trace onto placemats and cut out

4) Hot glue onto T-shirt


1) Use an existing T-shirt to trace and cut a pattern out on the vinyl table cloth

2) Hot glue brown yarn in pattern according to picture

Step 4: BONUS Hair Step....Go Hard or Go Home!


1) Shave sides of head

2) Clip in extension and braid per pic

3) Draw "tattoo's in eyeliner and set with hairspray


1) Section off top and sides, back comb top section, add single braids on either side and pin back. Rope braid ends and spray with gold hairspray.

*Tip for getting all that out, wet in the shower, add a small amount of shampoo and work through hair (it won't really lather) add a bit more water and do a double shampoo. Don't try to get all the tangles out yet, rinse well and then apply conditioner and start working out tangles from the bottom up.