Introduction: Vinil Rack

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It's quite easy to make, looks very nice and useful.

Step 1: ​Design Parts

Design all the parts with Solidworks.

(If you want to 3D files, I can send them to you after leaving a message.)

Part 1 : 2000mm X 250mm X 15mm 2 pcs

Part 2 : 700mm X 100mm X 15mm 6 pcs

Step 2: Design the Tool Pathes of Milling Machine

Import the files of dxf format into Vcarve.

Path 1: Do the pocket of crew guide. ( depth: 1mm )

Path 2: Do the outside profile. ( depth: 15.3mm )

Path 3: Do the inside profile of holes. ( depth: 15.3mm )

Step 3: Preparing Material and Working With Milling Machine.

We got a big piece plywood form warehouse which was 2440mm X 1220mm X 15mm.

Working with ShopBot. (Tool: Diameter 6mm flat bit)

Step 4: Handle the Surfaces

Sanding all the parts' surface and assembling them together, coating wax onto the plywood surface.

Step 5: Finnish It.

Screwing the rack onto the wall.