Vintage Bench Renovation

Introduction: Vintage Bench Renovation

I recently got a new bench to put around our campfire (the old ones ended up on top of the campfire) and thought it would be a good entry for the woodworking competition. Please bear in mind that this is just a rough guide, as you will obviously make your own tweaks and such.


Old bench (Duh),

(Insert coulor of choice here) Paint,

New planks that are the same size as the old ones,

And good old fashioned cleaning products (I know this is vage but everyone swears by something different, so anything that can clean metal will work. I used a wire brush).

You may also need some WD40 (or any other oil but frankly if you dont like WD40 then this isnt the best instructable for you. JK love you guys.) If the screws holding your planks in place a particularily tight.

Step 1: Photos

i am so sorry for the lack of photos, im a stupid numpty and forgot to turn my camera on. So sorry!

Step 2: Replace Old Planks

If your planks are still strong enough, the you could just scrape some of the moss off and if it still looks to untidy, simply add a lick of paint, pherhaps the same colour as the back-rest will be. If they are too fragile, unscrew the old planks and replace them with fresh ones. Its here that you may need WD40. Remember to let them dry before going onto the next step if you painted the planks.

Step 3: Clean the Back-rest

Thoroughly scrub the metal frame. Any bits of dirt that stay will later peel off, creating areas that have no paint.

Step 4: Paint

Paint the metal backrest or enjoy the colour it already is.

Step 5: Sit...And Enjoy!

Wait! dont sit just yet though its still drying :)

Hope you enjoyed it, remember to vote!

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    Elaina M
    Elaina M

    2 years ago

    Appreciate the humor in your project. Did you end up painting your bench ? Would love to see a before and after picture :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    thankyou, i actually gave the bench to my freind but will try to get a picture :)