Introduction: Vintage Butterfly Poster Box

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Hey momoluvers. It's momo! And today I'll be making a much anticipated reuse project. Reusing cardboard, book pages, and paper scraps. I love this instructable because it looks so good on my wall in my vintage themed room. Enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies

1. 12x12 in. Patterned paper
2. Small and large scissors
3. Glue stick and liquid glue
4. Cardboard (I used some from a kitty litter box)
5. Template shown above
6. Sponge brush
7. Tape

Step 2: Butterfly Cutouts

Cut out both of the butterflies (you only need one each, the other one is in case it rips)

Lightly glue the template to the book page so it stays in place while you cut

Cut around the outline of the butterfly

Each final butterfly needs three layers so cut out 9 layers to form 3 butterflies

Step 3: Poster Box

Cut out the large rectangle template and lightly glue it onto a large piece of cardboard. Proceed cutting around the template

Step 4: Strips

Cut out the smaller rectangle in the center of the larger one

Lightly glue it onto the cardboard and cut out two strips

Then use the same width to cut out two more rectangles, but make them shorter so that they line up perfectly with the other ends of the poster

Step 5: Construct the Poster Box

Take small pieces of tape and use it to hold the box together and make sure it's sturdy

Step 6: Wrap the Poster Box

Put liquid glue on the face of the poster box and spread it with the sponge brush

Put the piece of paper where desired and rub it to hold it down

Fold the excess over the edge and glue that down as well. Repeat on all four edges

Step 7: Butterfly Application

Glue the first three butterflies completely and stick it to the face of the poster box an even distance apart

Continue by flying the remains butterflies onto their bases. Fold the wings upwards and glue only the body for the next two pieces

NOTE: If you don't do this next step, this butterfly wings will be flat and will not stick up

Put a piece of tape in between each of the wing flaps and crease VERY well.

Put a smaller piece of tape on top of the entire butterfly to ensure the wings won't stand out too much

Step 8: Tea Stained Labels

To tea stain, take loose, used tea leaves and put a small amount into a napkin and roll it up, as the brownish liquid stained the napkin, pat it around until your paper label is fully covered in the tea color. Cut out the strips and glue them onto the poster box's face as shown

Step 9: Hang It Up!

I hung my poster box up using a nail on either side. It holds up nicely and looks phenomenal! I hope y'all enjoyed this tutorial!

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