Vintage Planter Candles



Introduction: Vintage Planter Candles

This gurl always spies vintage planters at her favorite thrift store and can't help but rescue the misfits.  However, one can only have so many planters to hold knitting needles, pens and pencils or plants.  
I manage to even kill air plants.

Step 1: You'll Need

I purchased some soy wax flakes from Michaels because they're easy to melt.  You can print off their 40% coupon from their site to make it more affordable or melt some candles that you have around the house.  I also thrifted the pan to melt the wax in.  You can use the microwave, but I like the ability to pour it without having to transfer it from the microwave safe container.  You'll also need some wicks and scent if you want to add it in.  I found the Baby Grace scent from here.  It's oh so sweet and subtle.

Step 2:

Deer are so cute!

Step 3:

Love his eyelashes!

Step 4:

 I've made many a candle in vintage teacups so it only felt natural to fill some vintage planters with candle wax.

Step 5:

Easter is near!  These would make adorbly adorable gifts!

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