Introduction: Vintage Style Wooden DIY Beer Caddy

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If you’re looking for DIY Beer Caddy Plans, I’ve got a great one for you. And the vintage paint job gives it a unique look your friends will be asking about. There are quite a few wooden beer caddy plans out there. To give mine a unique look, it was all about the paint job. The two-tone base and distressing give this wooden beer caddy a real vintage look. And it was so easy to do. Check out the video to see for yourself.

So, my husband asked me to make a beer caddy for him a few months ago. But with a long to-do list of projects around here, it was put on the back burner. His birthday was the motivation I needed to get that beer caddy done. And I’m so glad I could do it. He doesn’t ask for much and you know how hard it is to find presents for a man. Especially, a man that doesn’t play golf. But he does enjoy making his own home brew from time to time. And he’s English, so beer is practically a cultural symbol. When he does a home brew he always takes some samples to his friends to try. Usually he has to use a container from a store-bought 6-pack to carry his bottles around. This DIY Beer Caddy gives him a custom carrier to go with his custom brew. Get the full directions and measurements by following the link to my blog.

Step 1: Cut and Sand Your Wood

Make all of your cuts from your 1"x6", 1"x4", and 3/4" dowel. Then sand with 120 grit sandpaper.

Step 2: Assembly Is Easy.

Use glue and brad nails OR glue and pre-drilled #6 1 1/4" screws to assemble. I have a video showing my assembly on my site.

I've included a sped up video of me assembling the caddy. Can you tell I like to double-check (or more) for square??

Step 3: Give Your Caddy a Vintage Look

After staining with a coat of Special Walnut, I covered the long sides and handle with 2 coats of Cobalt Hue acrylic (aff) from apple barrel. The 2-tone distressing helps give this caddy it's vintage look.

The key to this distressing look is this Vaseline (aff).

Step 4: Gift Finished and Ready to Fill

Love this caddy. It even sits on our shelves as decoration when not in use. Double-win.

Step 5: Free Beer Label Printables

I've just created 6 awesome and free beer label printables for my blog. Come over and check them out. Each label has a spot for you to write the brew name and date. Stop forgetting which batch is in which bottle now.