Vintage Webley Senior Airgun Stripdown.

Introduction: Vintage Webley Senior Airgun Stripdown.

Here is a Webley Senior.

A lovely air pistol; heavy, well made with a nice blued finish.

Please see the parts diagram provided.
( This is from a company that supplies vintage airgun parts; )

Links to information about these guns.

Step 1: Do Not Remove.

Do not remove this ( some one has obviously tried).

Step 2: Remove Barrel Joint Screws.

Firstly, check that the pistol is uncocked.

Remove the barrel joint stop screw. ( this is missing on mine, but that is ok if you regularly check that your barrel joint screw is tight).

Remove the barrel joint screw.

Step 3: Remove the Barrel.

Remove the front end of the barrel.

Remove the back end of the barrel.

Step 4: Remove the Spring and Mainspring Guide.

Undo the mainspring guide with a soft tool ( I use my wooden spatula).

Brace yourself on the last few turns, as the spring is under tension; not much though.

Step 5: Remove the Piston.

The piston can be seen through the slot in top of the gun.

Push this out with something like a screwdriver; the trigger has to be pulled to allow the piston to slide out.

Step 6: Put It All Back Together.

Grease the piston.

Put the piston and spring back in; remember to pull the trigger to allow the piston back in.

Screw the mainspring guide back in; one way to do this is to put a cloth in the palm of your hand, put the mainspring guide on this and then screw the pistol onto the guide, making sure not to cross thread it.

That's it.

Happy plinking.

Step 7: An Extra Bit.

When cocking my pistol I have to pull the trigger at the end of the cock to make it engage.
this is only to be expected with an old gun but I did read that the Little Link can be reversed to overcome this.

I knocked out the link pin, starting with a punch and then I used a cut down bicycle spoke.

This worked for a few shots but then did not seem to do anything so I returned it to its original position.

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    Mine has the issue where cocking the pistol will actually not engage eve with the trigger pulled. I have inserted small bits of rolled up tinfoil between the piston and the little link. This works for a while and then need to be replaced. I will try reversing the little link. I have also ordered a replacement little link from the UK. thanks for the bicycle spoke idea for replacing the pin!


    7 years ago

    I had one as a kid living in Africa, I shot all manner of birds lizards with it. Now days I wouldn't let my kids do the same lol