Introduction: How to Get a Good Decal - Vinyl Cutter Strength and Speed Settings

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How to get a good final product with basic speed and cut strength settings. Making sure to test the settings before cutting will produce a better final piece both for weeding away the extra vinyl and final application.

I made it at Techshop
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Step 1: Setting Up the French Easel As a Tripod

I ended up using the French easel as a tripod to shoot multiple 6 second vine videos throughout this process of making a decal. Check out @sflettering for vine videos.

Step 2: Vinyl Cutter Cutting Strength Too High

This vinyl is an example of something that I did when the cutting pressure on the vinyl cutter was too high and made a final vinyl decal that looks like distressed vinyl. Kind of a cool effect in some ways: especially when contrasted with a complete decal

Step 3: Weeding With Correct Settings

Make sure when you first start using the vinyl cutter that you are specific in the settings that you use to avoid poorly cut vinyl This stage has better looking final products after vinyl cutter adjustment to lower cutting pressure of 120 g

Step 4: Additional Examples of Right Settings

These stickers or decals have the right settings in the vinyl cutter and therefore were much easier to weed to a final usable decal. FYI pay attention to your settings and speed when you're first starting out and you'll have a lot easier time getting great results.

I made it at TechShop

Step 5: TechShop Printing by Sflettering

Thank you for viewing and please share your comment an ideas. In this image are a few of the successful decals that came out when using the right settings for basic vinyl with strength at about 110 and speed about 120. Note: It is possible to change the speed and pressure cutting strength midway through your print job