Introduction: Vinyl LP Placemats

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Vinyl LP Placemats - "Taking the love of music onto your dining table"

Once again, I'm making a birthday present for one of my close friends. Like my Vinyl Style Coaster it reflects my friend's love for music. My friends and I are at that stage in life where we are in need of decor for our living spaces. I stumbled on this Instructable created by ansanma, which inspired me to create my own. I do not take credit for the original idea of this Instructable.

This is a relatively inexpensive project. The total cost of the project was around $25.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


Vinyl Records (LP or 45)




Cutter: Razor, Exacto, or Knife

Cutting Board

Step 2: Glueing and Positioning

1. Grab your Vinyl Record and glue.

2. Spread the glue evenly across the back side of the Vinyl Record.

3. Place the Vinyl Record on the cork board, making sure it is completely covered.

Step 3: Cutting and Drying

1. Take the cutter and slowly cut around the vinyl record. Make sure the cutter is straight to prevent jagged edges. Be careful when handling the cutter to avoid bodily harm.

2. After cutting, allow the placemat to dry completely before using. I suggest putting some weight on top of the placemats to ensure proper adhesion. For example, you can use books, flat plate weights, or anything flat and heavy. Use caution when placing weights on the placemats because the vinyl records are flimsy and can break into pieces.

Step 4: Enjoying

Now you can enjoy your stylish new placemats at every meal!

Thank you for viewing my Instructable! Please share your own placemat in the comments section.