Introduction: Vinyl Record Bookends

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Why buy Urban Outfitters'vinyl bookends when you can make your own for free?

They sell these bookends online for £20.00 but you can make your own in 5 minutes with little more than boiling water.

Step 1: What You'll Need

You will need the following:

vinyl records - scratched or simply unwanted records are easily available for free, small 7" ones will work better for smaller books

flat bottomed heat resistant container

kettle or pot for boiling water

block of wood (optional)

Step 2: Getting Steamy

Boil some water. You'll want enough to have about an inch of water in your container.

Dip your record into the hot water. The vinyl should bend easily once it heats up.

Step 3: Better Shape Up

You can use a piece of wood to flatten out any waviness.

If the shape isn't quite right after you remove the record from the water, simply dip it back in and try again.

Step 4: Take Things Up a Notch

If you're not happy with the simple design of the Urban Outfitters' bookends you can change it up.

With a few cuts and another bend, I made a set of bookends out of a larger 12" LP