Introduction: Vinyl Record Ikea Stool

Hi there!

This intractable is a quick guide to show you how to create these awesome looking stool! It's pretty cheap coming in at around 4 euro's for each stool!

They are very easy to make and take just about 10 minutes to make!

Let's get started!

Step 1: Parts List!

- IKEA "Marius" Stool (they're super cheap coming in at 3 euro's each. )

- A stack of old vinyl record's (You can pick these up for little to nothing at flea markets or thrift stores!)

- PVC glue. ( Vinyl records are actually a type of pvc, so pvc glue is a cheap option to glue them together!)

- 5mm by 30mm screws. (The original screws will be too short!)

Step 2: Sorting the Records!

Every record is different. To get a uniform look we'll be sorting them in categories. Look for the differences in the edges, most of the edges are either sharp and pointy or flat and pretty square,

I'll be making 3 stools today so i'll be making 3 stacks of 5 records. Look out for the prettiest labels and keep them aside, we'll glue these on last!

Step 3: Glueing Up!

Time to glue our stacks together, apply a liberal amount of PVC glue and press them together. PVC glue dries pretty quick so by the time you've glued the last set together, the first set will be dry enough to handle!

Step 4: Drilling the Holes & Screwing the Base to the Top

This is the most crucial part so far. You don't want to drill all the way through the records but you still want proper strength on the screws.

By setting the top on the base and poking the drill bit though the bottom hole we can properly adjust the drill bit so it only drills through 4 out of 5!

Now for the alignment, we could measure everything so the top sits perfectly on the base, but there's a nifty trick you can do. By aligning the screw on the base with the hole in the records we can align it very quickly!

When you've drilled the first hole, drive a screw through to check if it looks okay on the other side. This will also help with alignment for drilling the other holes!

The screws attach through the pads which came with the stool!

Step 5: Finished!

That was it, pretty simple, fast and absolutely beautiful!

Let me know i'f you're making one and consider voting if you like this intstructable!

Have a good one!

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