Introduction: Vinyl Tablemats for Stylish Tables

Get a stylish touch to your table and save your tablecloth, both with this simple instructable. Recommended for special events, romantic evenings or so...

I made 6 of this tablemats as a gift to my sister, for her new glass table. Hope she likes!

SAFETY ADVICE: This instructable uses sharp tools. Be careful using them. If you are not sure how to use, don't continue. NOT SUITABLE FOR KIDS.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

As this instructable is quite simple, and you can imagine what you need:

- Old records (LP, singles...).
- Sheets of cork.
- Pencil.
- Black marker.
- Brush and white glue.
- Cutter and cutting mat.

Step 2: Preparing

First of all, mark around the record on the sheet of cork using the pencil. Also mark the hole and paint a bigger point on the cork using the marker.

Step 3: Glueing and Cutting

Now glue the record to the cork, taking care the black point fits the hole, and put some heavy books over. Protect the books with a paper. Wait to dry at least one hour or two.

Then cut the cork around the record, slowly and firmly, on the first try taking care not to damage the vinyl surface (cork edges are not easy to retouch after).

Step 4: Finishing

Now paint the edge using the marker and let dry some minutes before touching again. You've done!

As you can see in the picture, I put a single for the cup. As the hole of it is bigger, I'd prefer glue a piece of black paper instead of painting it with the marker.

If your records are old or ruined, try with a shoe shine sponge. It will look spectacular!