Introduction: Virtual Makey Makey With Scratch

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Welcome to the Virtual Makey Makey v1.0 Scratch edition

I created this Virtual Makey Makey Simulator as a way to introduce students to Makey Makey who do not have access to a Makey Makey during Distance Learning.

Step 1: Open Up Virtual Makey Makey Scratch Link

Step 2: Play With the Makey Makey Simulator

Click on the Green Flag to start the Simulator. Click on one of the five objects and drag to connect object to each end of the black and red alligator clips. You are now connecting "Earth" and the "Space" key. If the object is conductive, it is Conductive!

--This is version 1!

On your own, you could add more objects / sprites. by "Right Clicking" on one of the sprites and 'Duplicating'. Then you need to add a new image "costume" and delete the duplicated image. Add play doh, penny, water, cardboard, pen, etc...

This is a simple application, however it could provide a demonstration for students on how simple cirucits work, conductivity, and the concept of switches.

Version 2 may include a 'conductivity' table that links to your objects.

Version 3 may include two more alligator clip wires that you can connect to different Makey Makey connectors to create simulations for more advanced ideas and inventions.

Step 3: Add Your Own Code

Add your own code to enhance the Simulator. Add sounds!

Step 4: How Did I Program the Simulator?

I used and IF, Then statement that said --

If a sprite (an object) touches both the 'Red Clip' and 'Black Clip' sprites,


say "Conductive!"

--My method to make this program effective was to create two small silver circles that were each placed at the end of an alligator clip.

--In the "Red Space" and "Black Earth" sprites, I added the following code:

''Go to Front" layer. This places the wire image over the little silver circles, so you just see the alligator clips, making it more realistic.